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Partnerships & Networking

Facilitating Legal Aid initiatives in the country.


Our Approach

LSF works closely with key stakeholder in the country and across the region, including government, developing partners, private sector, Civil Society Organization, various local and regional networks and like-minded organizations.

LSF work closely with government through its ministries to ensure access to justice and national agenda are observed. We work with Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs at all levels, such as Registrar for Legal Aid in supporting paralegal model at policy and grassroot level, the synergy that has led to the  enactment of Legal Aid Act 2017 which among other many good things recognized paralegal work and provide guideline for legal aid provision in the country. We also work with ministry of Home Affairs through provisioning of legal aid in prisons in order to decrease number of remands in the prisons.

We also engage with TAMISEMI – PO – RALG who support coordination and linkage between paralegal/legal aid providers and local government official at all level.  We also work with ministry of Health – under Community development unit to ensure we support various activities that protect women, and girl’s child right, contribute to the implementation of Violence Against women policy (VAWC)

We engage with private in supporting the work that we do, in 2019 July we have partnered with Vodacom Tanzania through Vodacom foundation in multimedia and use of technology to reaching out to the large population in the country. The plan is to see how private sector can join force in supporting sustainability of legal aid service in the country and support women and girl’s child empowerment to unlock their potential as key players in social and economic development of the country.

LSF is keen toward strengthening regional networks with an objective of learning the best practice, promoting cross boarder collaboration for strengthen our program initiatives, funding, researching and advocate for policy and legal reforms in respective countries and in the region.

LSF has recent been appointed as a Chair for Eastern and Horn of Africa Paralegal support networking for two years, as well as appointed on the Board of the East African Philanthropy Network (EAPN), LSF is also a Member of the CEO roundtable in Tanzania.

LSF work in partnership with its grantees and like-minded organization in ensuring human right and access to justice is realized. We work with organization that deals with people with disability, we support organization which work in different space such as Mining, health, education and civic engagement, Access to justice is cross cutting and key factor in poverty reduction.

With work with DP in implementation of the SDGs, in particular goal 5 and 16. We also engage our both existing and potential in our activities to ensure together we work toward enhancing quality of life to the most vulnerable people.